Tennis Bracelet
Tennis Bracelet
Tennis Bracelet
Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

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This is the all new Tennis Bracelet. It only comes in 2 colors- Silver, Gold. This bracelet can be worn by girls or guys. The bracelet fits to any hand. 

This is a new item that is expected to be sell out soon so make sure to grab one today. The fan favorite is the silver color. Most of our customers have said that the gold one is nice but they prefer the silver since its very sleek and can look good on any wrist. We recommend only choosing one then once its sent to your house, if you like it then grab another one and spread the fun by telling everyone you know about this beautiful tennis bracelet. 

Questions recently asked:

1.When do you ship out the item because I want it as soon as possible?
 - as soon as the order is placed, you will get a confirmation email and the item is immediately packaged and given to the local postal service for delivery to your location.

2. I received the silver bracelet and I wanted to know if I can place another order for a friend?
- Of course but please be considerate of others and only get a max of 2 items since the stock is low. 

3. Hey, I wanted to know if its worldwide shipping?
- Of course, We ship worldwide.

4. This isn't a question but thank you for the free item, I gave it to my brother for his birthday and it came in time and he loves it. Highly recommended!
- Thank you Tammy for being a loyal customer. We love seeing you happy!



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